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Got A Broken Air Conditioner? Need To Fix Your AC?

Let’s face it, there’s never a good time to have your air conditioner (AC) break down. When it does, you want to get it fixed right and fixed fast!

Did You Know? Not all HVAC technicians are trained properly. When it comes to repairing a broken AC unit, you want to make sure to hire a trained professional. You can rest assure that you won’t be charged for parts that you don’t need. Instead you’ll get an honest assessment of your situation and an honest repair.

How much does a typical repair cost? That depends on many things. Sometimes, the repair can be a simple part replacement. While other times the repair may be more costly. A lot depends on how well you have cared for your air conditioner.

  • Have you scheduled regular maintenance for your AC?
  • Do you regularly change the filter on your AC unit?
  • Is the AC unit you have properly sized for your house?

All of these are considerations as to how much an AC repair may cost. Once we see your unit, we’ll be able to give you a fair evaluation of your situation.

Should I repair or replace? It depends. Sometimes it may make more sense to replace your AC unit. Today’s air conditioners are significantly improved offering super high efficiency that will save money on your utility bills. Additionally, there may be rebates and incentives available when you choose a high efficiency air conditioner. We have many ENERYG STAR® units that may qualify.

We repair all major brands. Our HVAC technicians are tried and true. They’ve received extensive training on repair of all types of air conditioners. Our NATE certification means you’ll get the most knowledgeable and experienced technicians available.

When it comes to air conditioning repair, you can count on us to give you expert and honest advice. We provide air conditioning services to Eugene, Springfield, Cottage Grove, Roseburg and the entire Lane County area. Schedule an appointment.

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