Daikin LV Series

Daikin LV Series Ductless Heat Pump Eugene Oregon

This Ductless Heat Pump Is One Of Our Most Popular!

See why this 20+ SEER Daikin ductless heat pump is being embraced by many Eugene home owners who want to enjoy the many benefits of ductless heating and ductless cooling.

The LV Series 20+ SEER single split system features an aesthetic wall mount and sophisticated appearance via a flat panel design.  You’ll love the features packed into this unit, like the energy saving features that allow for single room enhancements and can heat and cool additions up to 1,000 square feet.  Our experts will always be sure to do a proper and detailed load calculation to make sure we fit the right ductless heat pump to your home.

Customer Top Rated – The Daikin LV series is customer top rated! Homeowners who have chosen this heat pump are extremely happy with their purchase.

If Energy Efficiency is a concern, you’ll truly love this ductless heat pump by Daikin. Daikin’s inverter “variable speed” compressor system delivers the capacity required to maintain desired room conditions.

More Money In Your Pocket – A typical home may see a 30% reduction in the energy consumption! While other home owners may see up to 50% reduction. Saving energy equates to saving money. Daikin’s advanced technology minimizes temperature fluctuations and provides continuous comfort.

Advanced Features that add up to BIG difference:

  1. Equipped with the intelligent eye, this ductless heat pump can detect movement and automatically change to an energy saving mode when no movement is detected for over 20 minutes. Normal operation resumes when  movement is detected making sure a comfortable experience while offering savings up to 20% in cooling mode and up to 30% in heating mode.
  2. You’ll have the ability to program up to 4 settings per day.  The timer allows users to personalize on/off times and temperature settings so you can decide on your own comfort level.
  3. Concerned with indoor air quality? Air purification – activated by the exposure to natural light, the titanium apatite photo-catalytic air purification filter traps microscopic particles, decomposes odors and absorbs and deactivates bacteria. With proper maintenance this filter may last for up to 3 years.

The BEST in the business:
All major components are engineered and manufacture by Daikin.  You really can’t beat a warranty that covers the compressor for 12 years and parts for 12 years.

If individual comfort and control are a concern – you’ll surely love the control provided for your space AND with quiet operating sounds as low as 22dBA you’ll hardly even hear it.  That’s what Daikin calls “whisper quiet.”

Ductless Heat Pumps and Eugene, Oregon just go together! Ductless systems are providing exceptional heating and cooling to many home owners in the Eugene and Springfield area.   Call today for a complimentary consultation. We’ll find a perfect match for you! 541-726-1040.