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What Will You Do With The Money You Save?

You could save up to 50% on your energy bills when you choose a ductless heat pump! Thousands of Eugene and Springfield home owners have already done so and rave about their new ductless heating and cooling system.

Ductless heat pump technology is a proven technology that has been around for over 20 years and is used worldwide as the preferred way to heat and cool homes and businesses. When you go ductless, you can expect to save money, use less energy and enjoy a higher level of comfort.

  1. Save Money – The main reason people say the go ductless is because they are extremely efficient. You can expect to save BIG money on your monthly utility bills when you choose ductless.
  2. Use Less Energy – This is because the heated or cooled air is delivered directly to the room. Thus, they avoid efficiency losses associated with ductwork.
  3. Enjoy A Higher Level Of Comfort – A ductless system operates “whisper” quiet, so you won’t be disturbed as the heat kicks on. You’ll also enjoy 2-in-1 functionality as the ductless system will also provide air conditioning.
  4. Two in One functionality! You may be accustomed to purchasing a furnace and air conditioning unit separately. A ductless heat pump gives you both functions in one unit. A ductless heat pump heats AND cools. You’ll love the energy efficiency and cost savings of ductless heating and ductless cooling.
  5. Easy Installation – A ductless heat pump is easy to install. Our experienced and trained contractors know how to size your home so you get the right system. We’ll have you and running in no time at all!

daikin-logo-300x66We chose Daikin ductless heat pumps as Daikin is the world leader in ductless technology. Daikin is the only company in the world dedicated to manufacturing both air conditioning systems and refrigerants. Daikin doesn’t manufacturer TVs or other consumer electronics like many of other competitors. Daikin focuses on ductless technology. Period. By creating some of the most technologically and aesthetically sophisticated systems ever introduced, Daikin is redefining the experience of comfort.

Ductless Heat Pump Eugene Oregon

Going ductless in Eugene and Springfield is easier than you think. If you would like to know how you can save up to 50% on your energy bills, call today.
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